Strategic and Business Planning

We have extensive national and international experience in strategic and business planning across a range of sectors. We operate collaboratively with executive leaders and key professional staff to ensure widespread ownership of the goals and objectives outlined in the plan and to ensure effective implementation. Clients often retain us year on year to support managers in reviewing performance against plan targets.

Board Strategy and board evaluation

We work with a wide variety of commercial and not-for-profit Boards in setting, clarifying, and reviewing strategy and direction – mostly in conjunction with management. We are trained and experienced in conducting Board performance reviews and evaluations. Our highly developed interpersonal skills, capacity to focus on the issues that matter, corporate governance education, and decades of experience as company directors and Chairs, are viewed very positively by our clients. 

Implementation coaching and performance accountability

As noted above, we support clients in maintaining focus and achieving their objectives in the face of inevitably distractions. We are often engaged to coach and support boards and executive teams who are committed to continuous improvement and accountability to the goals they have set themselves.

Leadership Development

We enjoy collaborating with individuals and teams that are driven to learn to lead more effectively. The leadership programs we design are based on the client’s business priorities. That is, on the current and future challenges participants face in their day to day work.

Sector Specialties

The Leading Partnership operates across a range of for and not for profit industry sectors with a special focus on:
• Universities and school education
 Health and medical research and scientific research strategy
 Health services
 NGOs and not for profits
 Arts organisations
 Superannuation and financial services
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