Our services include:

Board Strategy and Performance Reviews

  • We work with both commercial and not-for-profit Boards in a broad range of industry sectors to assist in setting, clarifying and reviewing strategies as well as Board performance reviews. Our high level of training and day to day experience as company directors ourselves, along with our capacity to focus on the issues that matter to success, are viewed very positively by our clients.

Strategic and Business Planning

  • We have extensive experience in developing strategic and business plans in a range of industries. We operate collaboratively with managers and key professional staff to ensure widespread ownership of the plan and to ensure effective implementation. Many clients retain us year on year to review and update their plans and performance.

Digital Transformation

  • We work with clients to identify how digital technology can enable their business to grow and compete more effectively. We focus on establishing a 'digital roadmap' for clients in their unique context. We then support our clients to lead their own coherent digital transformation programs with strong executive ownership, measurable goals, defined projects and clear implementation plans.

Business Process Redesign

  • As we experience constant and rapid change in the external environment, successful organisations are those that can adapt quickly through redesigning their internal environment. Business processes are the backbone of value creation for customers in any organisation, and superior business processes can creative competitive advantage for organisations. Our deep experience and process performance model provide the basis for designing superior processes for our clients.

Change Management

  • We view change management as a critical enabler for translating strategy into practice. We are skilled and experienced in assisting our clients to effectively assess and manage the impact of new business strategies on structures, teams and processes. We guide clients to effectively communicate change and lead transition activities.

Leadership Development

  • We love to work with individuals and teams that are driven to learn to lead more effectively. The leadership programs we design are based on the client’s business priorities. That is, on the current and future challenges participants face in their day to day work.

Coaching for Performance

  • We do not set out to “change” our coaching clients but to assist them to lead to their strengths and manage their weaknesses. We use a limited range of simple, practical tools and approaches that focus on assisting our clients to perform more effectively and more sustainably. We are at times retained to coach and support boards and executive teams.

Joint Ventures (JVs), and Strategic Relationship Management

  • We assist clients who operate in increasingly complex contexts nationally and internationally. Often doing business involves incorporated or un-incorporated JVs and partnerships that may consist of commercial, institutional and government stakeholders and funders.

  • We are skilled in the set up and management of various kinds of JVs in the for profit and not for profit sectors.

Strategic IT project management

  • TLP Partner Dr Stuart Jones has more than a decade of experience in setting up and managing strategic IT projects and was awarded a PhD from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) for his research in this field. Stuart has developed a portfolio of appreciative clients in this important business area.