About The Leading Partnership

Founded in 2000, The Leading Partnership has built a national and growing international reputation as an outcomes focused, ethical and fast moving consulting firm.

We specialise in strategic management and advisory services such as strategic and business planning, board strategy and direction, business development and leadership coaching.

Although we are adept at complex analysis and report writing we prefer to work in close partnership with our clients to support them in developing strategies and initiatives that are workable, have strong ownership by the management team and that can be implemented with “stretch”.

Whereas many consulting firms consider that their job is done when they have submitted a report or set of recommendations, we see our product as being the client’s “end result”. That is, successful implementation. For this reason many of our clients continue to engage us to assist them to ensure that their implementation is efficient and effective and that the leadership group is focused on making the agreed changes to grow the business and not just on managing “business as usual”.

We love our work and believe deeply in the capacity of managers and organisations to make a positive difference in the world through sustainably delivering the range of benefits they promise to their stakeholders. Such benefits include profit to shareholders in the case of commercial companies and a surplus for reinvestment in the organisation’s mission in the not for profit sector along with accountability for the environment and respect for staff and communities.

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At The Leading Partnership, we believe that to operate our business successfully and responsibly we must:

  • Minimise and provide a positive impact on the environment

  • Support our local community and industry in their growth and harmony

  • Ensure that our suppliers, staff and customers are treated fairly and equitably

  • Maintain healthy financial results

We recognise that these objectives are not exclusive from each other and can work together to create economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Our business became a member of Better Business Partnership (BBP) in June 2017 and undertook our latest Appraisal in June 2017. The Appraisal provides our business with a report of our strengths and weaknesses, and actions we can undertake to improve our sustainability performance with the support of BBP. We are committed to this process recognising that being a sustainable business is not a one-time effort but an ongoing process of education, evaluation and action.

The Better Business Partnership promotes sustainability achievements.

What makes us different

We work in partnership with our clients, taking a holistic approach to all of our projects through:

    • Understanding your business or organisation quickly, efficiently and with minimum disruptionEvaluating strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats

    • Assisting the senior team to achieve its potential – short & long term

    • Identifying key risks and how to manage them

    • Setting short and medium term priorities and strategies to optimise value and return for shareholders and stakeholders

    • Focusing relentlessly on implementing your plans and priorities so as to unlock value within the organisation (there is no point in having un-implemented objectives)

    • Acting as a bridge and facilitating value adding interactions between owners and management and the board as appropriate

Who We Are


The Leading Partnership is a skilled, highly motivated strategic management and advisory consultancy firm based in Sydney, Australia. We possess more than 15 years national and international experience across a huge range of organisations and business sectors including Superannuation Funds, Private Equity in Australia & New Zealand, ASX listings, SMEs, Asset Managers, Insurers, Large Infrastructure Projects and Contractors, Health, Medical Research, Pharmaceuticals and major Universities.

Our passion

Our purpose and our passion is to see our clients substantially and sustainably improve their results & more effectively deliver on their promises to customers, owners & other key stakeholders.

Our work with Boards, CEOs/MDs, senior managers, key professionals & teams focuses on the most important aspects of business effectiveness:

    • Clarifying mission/purpose & creating doable strategies

    • Developing a sustainable value proposition & a competitive business model

    • Establishing clear strategic priorities & driving superior implementation

    • Capability development through business, team & individual performance assessment & coaching

Our value proposition

We work in partnership with organisations, teams and individuals to:

    • Understand your business or organisation quickly, efficiently and with minimum disruption

    • Evaluate strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats

    • Assess the capability of and coach the senior team – short & long term

    • Identify key risks and risk mitigation strategies

    • Establish short and medium term priorities and strategies to optimise value

    • Ongoing engagement to implement the plan and unlock value within the organisation in partnership with the leadership team

    • Act as a bridge if required between owners and management and board

Philip Pogson - FAICD ACIS

Philip has consulted with a range of prestigious local and overseas organisations for more than a decade. He has a strong focus on obtaining the best results for his clients.

He is known for his ability to quickly grasp and productively simplify complex issues and for his capacity to work across an extensive range of for profit and not-for-profit organisations and business sectors.