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The Leading Partnership (TLP) is an independent strategic management and advisory firm specialising in strategy development and corporate governance.
Our Passion
... is to see clients sustainably deliver on their mission or purpose to customers, users and other key stakeholders including the community.
Our Role
... is to support and enable clients to identify and effectively address the key issues, opportunities and challenges they face and manage their way through the many barriers to success.
Our Values
... are expressed in the high level of accountablility we take for our actions and in our commitment to ethical practice in all that we do.
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What we do

We operate collaboratively with executives and staff to map out and review strategic direction, as well as develop performance accountability and leadership skills and priorities to help your team succeed when it matters most.

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Who we are

We are a fast-moving, outcome-focused consulting and advisory firm that works together with our clients to deliver expert diagnoses and implement both innovative and time-tested initiatives.

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Phillip Pogson
Bypassing governance best practice: Australia Post and the consequences of governments setting a low bar

Joining contentious debates while they are still raging is generally not my style. Any number of commentators and journalists regularly add value to difficult day to day issues through writing well about matters as they evolve; even more excel at doing the opposite!

The Art of the Trade-Off

Anyone who has conducted a personal or business negotiation, reached any kind of deal, or made an agreement with another person, knows what a trade-off is. Given the above sentence describes just about all of humankind, the reality is, we have all made trade-offs even if we do not recognise or use the term.

What’s the risk?

Life has always been a risky business. The fear and concern generated by Covid-19 has served to surface the fact that there are widely varying understandings of risk across our community. There are equally broad views as to how serious risk can and should be managed or, to use the technical term, mitigated.

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