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Founded in 2000, The Leading Partnership has built a national and growing international reputation as an outcomes focused, ethical and fast moving consulting firm.

We specialise in strategic management and advisory services such as strategic and business planning, board strategy and direction, business development and leadership coaching.

Although we are adept at complex analysis and report writing we prefer to work in close partnership with our clients to support them in developing strategies and initiatives that are workable, have strong ownership by the management team and that can be implemented with “stretch”.

Whereas many consulting firms consider that their job is done when they have submitted a report or set of recommendations, we see our product as being the client’s “end result”. That is, successful implementation. For this reason many of our clients continue to engage us to assist them to ensure that their implementation is efficient and effective and that the leadership group is focused on making the agreed changes to grow the business and not just on managing “business as usual”.

We love our work and believe deeply in the capacity of managers and organisations to make a positive difference in the world through sustainably delivering the range of benefits they promise to their stakeholders. Such benefits include profit to shareholders in the case of commercial companies and a surplus for reinvestment in the organisation’s mission in the not for profit sector along with accountability for the environment and respect for staff and communities.

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