Simple and Workable Principles 

Managing Complex Organisations and Complex Contexts 

In reflecting on what he learned from founding Visa International, Dee Hock formulated some very simple and workable principles for managing complex organisations and complex contexts.   Below is an extract of his thoughts on the four kinds of leadership. (Diagram by The Leading Partnership).
Dee Hock on Management, “Over the years, I have frequently had long, unstructured discussions with hundreds of groups of people at every level in diverse organizations about any subject of concern to them. The conversations most often gravitate to management; either aspirations to it, dissatisfaction with it, or confusion about it. To avoid ambiguity, I ask each person to describe the single most important responsibility of any manager. The incredibly diverse responses always have one thing in common. All are downward-looking. Management inevitably has to do with exercise of authority - with selecting employees, motivating them, training them, appraising them, organizing them, directing them, controlling them.  That perception is mistaken.

Michelle Stewart,
11 Mar 2015, 19:47