At The Leading Partnership, we believe that to operate our business successfully and responsibly we must:

  • Minimise and provide a positive impact on the environment 
  • Support our local community and industry in their growth and harmony 
  • Ensure that our suppliers, staff and customers are treated fairly and equitably 
  • Maintain healthy financial results 
We recognise that these objectives are not exclusive from each other and can work together to create economic, environmental and social sustainability. 

Our business became a member of Better Business Partnership (BBP) in June 2017 and undertook our latest Appraisal in June 2017. The Appraisal provides our business with a report of our strengths and weaknesses, and actions we can undertake to improve our sustainability performance with the support of BBP. We are committed to this process recognising that being a sustainable business is not a one-time effort but an ongoing process of education, evaluation and action. 

The Better Business Partnership promotes sustainability achievements.

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